Get That Home Inspected

So, you just moved in to that newly built home. It’s nice and it feels good right? I know, nothing beats the joy and sense of accomplishment moving in to a house you can call your own, more so, if it’s just built. Unfortunately, we know of a lot of cases where a lot of these homes have serious defects and as such, the homeowners face the problem of shelling out more money to shoulder the costs of repair. Often, the fast pace of construction is the known culprit.

A lot of the defects on new homes show up months or even years after moving day. So, what is the best defense of a would-be homeowner? Hire a real estate lawyer and a building inspector engineer. A few key clauses in your contract and inspections during construction can save grief later. But still even if this is in place, you must know that there’s still a chance that something can go wrong. Case in point, my husband’s best friend. He didn’t buy a newly built home. It was a 25 year old home he bought in New Jersey. As a matter of good measure, he hired both professionals as stated above, yet, he still wound up having a flooded basement as soon as the first heavy downpour came from when they moved in. They now continue to live with a pump in their basement.

Just like any other purchase, there’s always a chance of getting a lemon. It’s good to have an open mind and be ready for any problems.

New Interest

Now that my husband is more active in church following his conversion from his former religion, he has turned his attention to the church choir, the soloist as well as the pianist and the violinist. Before the anticipated mass every Saturday I always find him socializing with the choir members.

The new speakers in church as well as the podium mic stand are so remarkable that everything has become more clear and pleasant to the ears. I kind of wished it was like this all the time. I didn’t know of the change until the soloist mentioned to my husband recently. I noticed the big change though, but I was not quite sure if it was indeed a new installation. I guess, the new Pastor is instituting all the changes. I just hope that funds won’t run out.

With my husband’s new found interest in music, I just hope that he’s not going into it seriously because he’s got his hands full already. But ultimately, it’s his decision, not mine.

Toaster Features That Can Make A Big Difference

Yes, I’m referring to the good, old kitchen appliance in our kitchen that greets us every morning. The next time you’re out looking for a replacement because your current toaster won’t just toast your bread good anymore, here’s a list of the features you may want to consider:

  1. Oblong slices of bread requires deeper slots. So, if you love oblong shaped breads, go for the toaster with deep slots. Some toasters are 5 1/2 inches deep and some are 5 inches deep.
  2. A pop up toaster gets even better if it comes equipped with a bread lift. Just push up the lever a bit so the bread emerges farther, you won’t have to pluck out your bread.
  3. A defrost and warm/reheat feature can be useful.
  4. Electronic touch pads as well as numbered dials are convenient features.
  5. Consider getting one that has a slide-out crumb tray. It’s easier to clean than a hinged toaster.
  6. A cord keeper is a nice add-on. This will keep the cords from the countertops.

Keep in mind that, a toaster loaded with all these features are not necessarily expensive. There are decent brands out there that has all the features, yet they are affordable.

Refresh And Reposition

My interest for decorating has fueled me to get my hands on every decorating book that gets my fancy. For as long as it is easy to understand and not very technical I go for it.

Having said that, I have learned that in decorating you don’t have to keep acquiring new stuff to change the look or refresh a room. You can always work with what you’ve got. It’s so much like dressing up or putting together an outfit. Affordable alterations can bring a lift of an extreme makeover to any room of your home.

A new coat of paint for instance is an inexpensive way to transform a room. So is reupholstering a well made sofa. Perhaps, refinishing a cabinet from its old color to a different color. Or one of the things that can be done which is less likely to pop on once mind is to replace those old ugly legs of a dresser, or a sofa. Imagine swapping them to modern chrome or pretty wooden spindles. Lastly how about replacing that old entertainment center to a more sleek tv stand.

Your new television for sure deserves a more modern piece. This you may say is not updating but replacing, but if you just got that new TV it does call for a new TV stand.

Actively Hunting For Gifts

Father’s day is right around the corner. Are you ready with presents for the wonderful men in your life to make their day truly memorable?

While Father’s day is not that big of a celebration in our household simply because we are a childless couple, we always make sure that we honor our fathers, and all the fathers in our lives that are fathers to their children, and those we look up to and consider as our second father and have touched and continue to be part of our lives.

Having said that, there are a few musically inclined among the men in our gift list. If I were to consider any musical instrument or anything that revolves around music, I better make sure I look for the  source that offers the lowest price.

So much to do, yet too little time. But this one needs to be done the soonest. Before I know it, Father’s Day will be here and I don’t want to get caught empty handed.

When Is The Perfect Time To Switch?

Many perfume experts believe and recommend that we should change our fragrance every few years. We, on the other hand think, it’s just a sales ploy. But no, it really is worth looking into because studies revealed that after a few weeks, that favorite bottle of scent has already lost some of its mojo. The people around us and even ourselves become desensitized to the same scent.

Reality is that a lot of us wear the same scent year in and year out. But as the perfume experts say, we wouldn’t be wearing the same outfit that we wore many years ago the same way. We would normally give it some modern twist.

I think the best gauge is, if it’s been a long time since we got a compliment on the scent we’re wearing, then it’s time to take the leap and switch.

Pesto Making Guide

Do you love pesto? I sure do. And when I make pesto, I wish I have the patience and time to make it the good old fashioned method. That’s none other than using a mortar and pestle. We’re now so accustomed to use our “mighty helpers” in our kitchen; in this case we love the ease of a blender or a food processor.

Here’s some pointers to have the best tasting pesto:

  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese and Romano cheese is prime. Make sure to use the freshly grated variety all the time.
  • Spin dry or pat dry basil after rinsing. This will ensure that the sauce is not diluted.
  • If pesto is to be tossed with pasta, reserving 1/2 cup of pasta cooking water and gradually adding to pesto just before serving will help to thin the sauce slightly.
  • Should you make a lot of pesto, it can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for 1 week. Store in an airtight container with plastic wrap pressed into the surface of the sauce to prevent the top from darkening.
  • Pesto can be frozen for up to 6 months. Thaw in the fridge overnight before using.