That Stubborn Extra Weight

Are you in that phase when you are dieting more than ever, but don’t weigh any less? Perhaps, you also exercise regularly, but you’re still flabby. As a result, your once perfectly fitting clothes now seem snug.

There are ways to supercharge your metabolism. Although, there are no magic bullets, boosting the number of calories that your body burns everyday can help you maintain or lose weight.

Relying on just a weighing scale is not advisable. Reason being, that you should not only know your body weight, you should also know your body fat percentage. Getting an expert to weigh in by visiting a local gym and ask for a body fat reading should be a priority.

Moreover, crash dieting is a no-no. You might end up getting sick. This just sends the body into starvation mode and getting sick is not a good option as a result from trying to lose weight. Just make sure, you can easily get assistance such if you don’t have a coverage in place. Shedding extra pounds slowly by ensuring an intake of 1,200 to 1,500 calorie range can help you slim down. Apart from that, you should not only do cardio. Strength training such as using resistance bands and dumbbells should help you pump iron.

More importantly, living a high stress, low sleep life sends extra fat to your waistline. Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc. You should sleep more and stress less. When one snoozes long, the risk of weight problems is significantly diminished.

Knowledge Is Power

Do you know what a Bogner Amps is? I thought I knew a lot about musical gadgets but obviously I didn’t. When I heard about this I had to do a bit of research and get myself some new knowledge. After all, we continue to learn at any age.

So as far as I understood, this is a guitar amplifier head. I’m sure any music enthusiast knows what it is all about. Would that be a real disaster if you call yourself a music connoisseur and you have no idea what it is. But I have a feeling most are aware about it the instant that they hear it.

It’s a wise idea to keep oneself abreast with everything that catches your interest. As far as music is concerned, the fact that I come from a musically inclined background, always  makes me leap to find out anything that I’m not totally knowledgeable about.

Handling Ground Meat

Are you aware that ground meat poses a greater threat of contamination than whole cuts of meat (i.e. roast, steak). That’s because, any bacteria like E. coli or salmonella on the surface of the meat can spread throughout more easily when the meat is ground. To avoid illness, the key is to cook and store meat properly.

Storing Uncooked Meat:

  • Refrigerate below 40 degrees on a plate on the bottom shelf to prevent juices dripping onto other food. You can refrigerate only up to two days.
  • Freeze up to four months. Longer is okay, but the texture and flavor could change. Defrost in the refrigerator or in the microwave and never thaw at room temperature on the counter.


  • Wash hands well before and after handling raw meat.
  • Avoid cross contamination. You have to designate a cutting board strictly for raw meat, seafood and poultry and never use it for any other food.
  • Wash all utensils, cutting surfaces and counters with hot soapy water after they come in contact with raw meat.


  • A meat thermometer is a must have in the kitchen as it is the most fail-safe way to determine doneness.
  • Cook ground beef, veal lamb or pork to an internal temperature of 160 degrees.
  • Refrigerate cooked food promptly and ensure leftovers are left at room temperature no longer than 2 hours, and they should be eaten within 2 to 3 days.

Summer Entertaining Is Just Around The Corner

Hey, it’s been a while since my last update here. Not so me, but I have been tackling real life tasks. In a few weeks, the warmer days will roll in. Are you ready for those endless entertaining? It’s about time to pull out those silverware from storage. Your guests deserve only the best wares when you have them over.

After all the merrymaking though, ensure that your silverware are cleaned and stored properly. Having said that, here are tips on proper care of your silver:

– Polish once a year. Some people do this before or after use. Please keep in mind that tarnish removers can wear down the surface of silver thus, polishing often is not recommended.

– If in case you’re not aware, silver needs to be hand washed and dry. Your dishwasher is silver’s worst enemy. Remember that air drying is not good enough, as moisture can get trapped in tiny cracks which can trigger corrosion. Drying each piece with flannel cloth is the best way.

– Lastly, keep air out when you store your silver. This is the best way to protect them hence, it is imperative to invest in a case. If you don’t want to invest, wrapping each piece in an anti-tarnish cloth and storing in a Ziploc bag will do. Ensure they are wrapped prior to sticking them to a plastic wrap. Wrapping silver and stash away in an archival box (acid free cardboard) is good specially for items that are used only once a year.

The Beat Of The New Season

Spring has finally sprung on my side of the world. How sweet it really is! I’m so looking forward to finally be able to peel off the layers of clothing and outerwear and just head out without the layers and bulk.

I can imagine the blooms and green verdant leaves that will be upon us in just a few weeks. I can just hear the melodious chirping of birds that can rival an electribe sampler created by one of those well known musicians.

I am determined to enjoy what the new season brings. How about you?

Wow Them Upon Entry

How do you pull together a stylish entry in your house? Seasoned decorators find it easy to create something good and pleasing to the eyes. As it is the first part of the house that visitors and guests see, ensuring that it is in order is a must.

If space is limited, dressing up the wall with some art work and a row of hooks that can be used to hang coats is good enough. If space is not a problem, you can have a chest of drawers to hide clutter. A table lamp on top will definitely lend a warm and pretty glow at night. Apart from that, you can hang artworks on the wall along with a row of hooks to hang coats. A decorative clock will enhance the wall. And to complete the look, a chair or a bench can be added which comes in handy to sit on and set ones handbag.

Jazz Up Your Pasta

Do you love pasta? If you do, you may want to soup up your usual recipes. Read on.

Here are ways to jazz up your pasta:

  • slivered sun-dried tomatoes can be added in your traditional mac and cheese
  • freshly grated lemon zest will brighten up a creamy seafood sauce
  • dried mushrooms will definitely add flavor. just make sure to rehydrate them by boiling water and let the dried mushroom soak for 15 minutes. the liquid if strained may also be added to replace some of the liquid in your pasta recipe.
  • a tablespoon or two of capers can help pump up the flavor of a no-cook tomato sauce or a jarred marinara. you can also add some pitted, chopped olives.

Mac and Cheese Lorraine