Be In The Know

Being hypertensive myself, I ensure that I am aware and knowledgeable of the different signs and symptoms of heart attack. Not that I’m expecting it, but I know that I’m at a high risk because of this pre-existing condition. Further, a lot of women often have symptoms that are atypical.

My doctor has educated me enough to watch out for signs and I’m very thankful of his gesture. Thus, I’m sharing here the different signs when it’s time to seek help immediately:

  • If you feel excessive sudden fatigue
  • There’s pain and pressure in the neck, the arms and upper back
  • There’s cold sweats
  • You experience shortness of breath
  • There’s chest pain, pressure and you feel full
  • You feel fullness as well as pressure in your upper abdomen
  • You feel something is painful, numb and there’s pressure in the jaw
  • You feel lightheaded and nauseous

All Out To Please

I know, if you want to please someone, you will go out of your way to make them happy. It’s a given for most of us especially to the people that we hold near and dear.

Having said that, I know of a friend who is known to do just that. His son has grown to love playing the guitar and now he is in search for his son’s guitar upgrade. He is making sure that he will have it just in time for his birthday so he has been searching high and low online including the portal at guitar center southfield.

This is not an exception. Most parents would do the same. After all, we want the best for our children for as long as it is within our reach.

That Perfect Haircut

I badly need a haircut. When I say badly, it is really that bad. I had my last trim in April. It’s unbelievable, but that’s how long it’s been. I used to have it every two months, but because I haven’t really found a “reliable” hairdresser, I prefer to just go whenever it’s absolutely necessary, and I have kept to the same hairstyle for years. That being said, I want to share some tips so you can be confident you have the right hair style you’ll love.

  1. Know your hair. Hair type and texture is important in determining your hairstyle. Getting reacquainted with your hair will definitely help narrow your search for that perfect style.
  2. Your facial features also play an important role in getting a perfect style.
  3. If you can identify celebrities with the same hair type as yours, you can look through them and choose the style you like best.
  4. The picture of a celebrity you brought may not exactly look the same way as yours. Don’t be too literal about the picture.
  5. Know how much effort you’re willing to put into a hairstyle. You may love a bob cut, but if your hair is wiry, it will take a lot of time and motivation to straighten it everyday. Think twice before committing to a demanding ‘do.
  6. Scout for a salon you can trust. An excellent hairstylist will be able to modify a cut to suit your face and hair type. Open communication is key. Explain what you like but be open to feedback from the stylist.
  7. Make the most of your time while in the salon. Ask for tips on how to manage your cut.

Perfect Combination

I can say that I’m the type of gal who is not really into getting the latest in gadgets. I don’t want to invest too much on such, and if I were to make a choice between investing on gadgets and the latest tech stuff versus handbags and jewelry, I take the latter hands down.

That being said, I still have yet to take the plunge and get a replacement of my 9 year old laptop. I know, it’s old but it still works. I’ve been contemplating on getting the latest Mac but I can’t seem to dive in and take the plunge. Just like the time when I got my current one, it took me forever but when I did, I bought the best and the latest, and it’s what I have still at this time. When you have a Mac, I was told that the perfect accompaniment for it when you love and are into creating music is having what they call the Element 24 which is known as one of the best aid in creating good music.

Now, if I was into music creation, it probably would not have taken me this long to take the plunge. I’m sure that Mac of my dreams would have been in my lap already.

A Life Insurance Is A Must

The best term life insurance prices can be obtained when you know to comparison shop. I know, I’ve done it and yes they are not that elusive as we have been made to believe. The key is, we should always do our homework and do as much research as we can before closing any kind of deal.

A life insurance policy is a long term commitment that is essential, and a need for every family. It brings security and peace of mind, therefore, it is important that we ensure that sufficient coverage is in place. As we very well know, life is full of surprises. Even the filthy rich who are sitting in dough have this kind of protection in place. After all, they need more protection, as the more asset a person have, the more liabilities they have. That is the truth and nothing but the truth.

At the end of the day, knowing that a sufficient life insurance coverage is in place, you can sleep tight and have that kind of assurance that no matter what tomorrow brings, your loved ones are protected.

Unexpected But Good

Someone very close to me whom I haven’t seen in years suddenly popped up and visited us recently. That was a totally unexpected visit but I took it gladly as I really missed her a lot. This close family friend also surprised her family here in New York, and everyone was so ecstatic most especially her nephew who was the recipient of a cool musical instrument that my friend bought from guitar center fresno. If you are musically inclined, an unexpected gift must really thrill you to no end.

There’s one thing for sure though. My friend told me that this is the only gift her nephew will get from her. That means, he is no longer expecting anything for the coming holidays. Incidentally, have you thought about your gift list just yet? Thinking about it myself is getting me a bit nervous. I need to really start out and make my recipient list so I can go ahead and start shopping.

In no time the holiday is upon us and at this point I’m very happy that I finally got to see my friend. Her visit meant a lot to me. Now, I can start counting how many holidays will pass before I see her again.

That Stubborn Extra Weight

Are you in that phase when you are dieting more than ever, but don’t weigh any less? Perhaps, you also exercise regularly, but you’re still flabby. As a result, your once perfectly fitting clothes now seem snug.

There are ways to supercharge your metabolism. Although, there are no magic bullets, boosting the number of calories that your body burns everyday can help you maintain or lose weight.

Relying on just a weighing scale is not advisable. Reason being, that you should not only know your body weight, you should also know your body fat percentage. Getting an expert to weigh in by visiting a local gym and ask for a body fat reading should be a priority.

Moreover, crash dieting is a no-no. You might end up getting sick. This just sends the body into starvation mode and getting sick is not a good option as a result from trying to lose weight. Just make sure, you can easily get assistance such if you don’t have a coverage in place. Shedding extra pounds slowly by ensuring an intake of 1,200 to 1,500 calorie range can help you slim down. Apart from that, you should not only do cardio. Strength training such as using resistance bands and dumbbells should help you pump iron.

More importantly, living a high stress, low sleep life sends extra fat to your waistline. Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc. You should sleep more and stress less. When one snoozes long, the risk of weight problems is significantly diminished.