It’s Not Just A Number

Don’t we all love to have a high credit score? I sure do. It’s crazy, but somehow we are “defined” with what the three numbers are, and what they mean.

Let me share with you a few ways how to improve that credit score:

1. Pay down the cards that are almost maxed out. Meaning those that we have balances on and the balance is close to the credit limit. Any credit card that has a balance of more than 50% of the limit brings down ones score so it pays to settle them first.

2. Pay every single bill on time. Any late payment will significantly affect and decrease your credit score.

3. Do not close down or cancel an account. Why? Because, the score is computed based on the percentage of credit available and if you opt to close accounts, the overall credit limit available will decrease and the percentage of the total of what you owe will be higher. Just pay off and keep the cards in the freezer, *lol*.

Beautiful Is Always In Style

Home interiors have always fascinated me. Blame it on my exposure to my Mom who was a passionate home decorator and a homemaker. Not that she had a solid background in interior design but she had a burning passion in keeping a lovely home.

I decided to be a full time homemaker almost 16 years ago after I got married. I haven’t stopped decorating our home since. My innate skills in decorating is always put to a test, but more so during the holidays when we open up our home to family and friends. It’s that time of the year when entertaining is at its peak. It is during these times when I make sure that our dining table is outfitted with premier table linens burlap tablecloth – custom .

I find it so satisfying when our guests compliment me on the set up of our table. That’s the reason why I’m always on the hunt for sources that offer one of a kind table accessories. I’m a firm believer that an excellent table set up sets the mod for an enjoyable get together.

My interest in home decorating will never ever dissipate. It’s inherent in me no matter what. For as long as I have a home to tweak, I will always be the self-taught home decorator that I am, no ifs and buts.

Fringed Burlap tablecloth
*image not mine

The Color Story

There are fashionable paint colors that come and go, that’s why I always go for classic colors. But even if these fashionable ones come and go, isn’t it that the remaining colors to choose from are still in staggering quantity that makes it so overwhelmingly impossible to pick the right color.

The good thing about it is that nowadays, we can sample colors before we even get down and dirty and roll out the drop cloths and rollers. But don’t go too fast though, as there are some things you still need to know as to which sample will best give you the perfect color match.

We now have bigger color chips, so this is really great. They are printed, not the painted type that’s why what you see may not match what’s in the can. You can also get samples, those that come in 2 ounce jars which typically covers 2×2 foot section of the wall. This allows you to actually try on the color while confined to minimum of waste. You can always try another jar should the color be dismal to you.

A Definite Stunner

For most musicians do looks matter? I’m not talking about ones physical attributes of course, I’m talking about the musical instrument.

I think that if you’re a performer and you’re out to bring enjoyment to your audience, it is tall order that the instrument looks awesome. The matt tuck electric guitar will certainly fit the bill. I’ve never seen such a unique and drop dead gorgeous electric guitar as this one. It’s absolutely stunning even with it’s unusual inverted V shape.

Personally, although I’m not a musician and if I only know how to play the guitar, I wouldn’t mind forking out the money to buy a guitar that looks this rich and beautiful. Sure, I’d have to dig deep into my pocket but it’s an investment that’s definitely worth the money.

Be Wary Of Cheaper Alternatives

With the proliferation of Dollar Stores, we often stumble upon items that are priced way below their regular retail prices. However, we have to be cautious, as there can be hidden dangers if the items we buy are not manufactured within standards. Here’s what to check out before buying:

  1. Be wary of buying no-name products; not that it guarantees safety, but with the name of the manufacturer on the label, the maker can be tracked down should there be problems.
  2. Warning labels should be carefully checked, as there are items labeled with conflicting information or written in ungrammatical English.
  3. Products that are sold so cheap as compared to their counterparts sold in a regular retail store can be counterfeit or defective.
  4. Go only for certified electrical products with Underwriters Laboratories marks embossed or tagged and maybe holographic.

These are what I can think of right now. I might come up with some more to add later.

Nail Talk

I was browsing this website when my attention was suddenly switched to my fingernails. There’s a couple of them that’s about to break.

Do your nails break and peel, and are you tired of dealing with that condition? Why not check out the way you file them. They say that nails stay stronger when you shape the tip to mimic the shape of the base.

So, if the cuticle end of your nail is a half-moon or an oval, file the tip in a similar shape. If the cuticle end is square (or “squoval” – between a square and an oval) use that as a guideline.

The problem is, what if your nail is simply just weak like mine? I can’t grow my nails long because aside from the fact that I’m no longer comfortable having long nails, they also break easily. It’s good, my nails are inherently long and slender, so they still look feminine and nice even if they are trimmed short.

Lung Friendly

I recently came across an article signifying the protection an apple gives to the lungs. It stated, that apples help to reduce coughing and phlegm in people with chronic lung problems. In fact, the effect of apple on the lungs is way better than 14 other fruits. Apart form lung protection, it’s also been noted that apples may protect against asthma and lung cancer, on top of the fiber and flavonoids which are so abundant in apples, that’s already known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Upon reading this, all the more I realized the benefits of apples. As they say: “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” If I were to believe everything, then it’s important to have a daily dose of apple. It’s even further noted that you get the full benefit of apples if you eat them with the skin intact, provided it’s washed thoroughly, to get the full fiber content.