Reminiscing: Wedding Flashback

In a few months, we will be celebrating our fourteenth wedding anniversary. Oh how time flies! In the blink of an eye, as though it was only yesterday, when we went through the arduous task of preparing for the wedding. That was some experience! A mixture of emotions floor me when I look back.

There’s been so many changes, many loved ones are gone, but here we are still going strong. I can’t help but think about the most important article on our wedding day aside from the wedding rings – that’s none other than my wedding gown. All I wanted was a custom made piece that’s timeless and elegant which was executed very well but drained the wedding budget. I hate to admit it but it’s the truth and looking back now, I think I went overboard.


I have no regrets with my choice but if I have to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to look into those ready to wear wedding dresses that are not only made well and priced well. Nowadays, practicality is a top priority. I wouldn’t mind wearing any one of these (take a note of my style preference):

A-Line/Princess Halter Court Train Tulle Wedding Dress With Lace Beading Sequins A-Line/Princess Strapless Chapel Train Satin Tulle Wedding Dress With Lace Beading Trumpet/Mermaid Scoop Neck Cathedral Train Satin Tulle Wedding Dress With Ruffle Lace Beading Sequins

Should a renewal of vows be in the offing a few years down the road, I think I’d be much more equipped to know what’s practical and what’s not. Nowadays, we just need to be resourceful and use everything at our disposal to get the best value for our money. Outfitting the whole bridal entourage with wedding dresses that are tastefully designed and affordably priced is no longer impossible. With online sources and with the click of a mouse it is indeed doable.

Spring At Sprinkles

I’ve been itching to head down to the nearest Sprinkles but I haven’t had the chance to go just yet. I can’t wait to try the flourless chocolate cupcake. I wonder if I’d like it as much as the usual chocolate cupcake that I’m used to buying from them.

One of these days, I know that I’ll find myself in the area. Wishing it happens soon.

HOP box

A Bit Of Research Pays Off

With the current trend in the housing market, they say that now is the right time to buy, if you are planning to, anyway. It can be a primary home, a vacation property or simply an investment property so to speak. Nowadays, there are many little helpers that can ease the stress and daunting task of the search, one of which is the goconnect app for realtor checklists.

With that, we too are aware of the bloated mortgage costs that’s why prospective buyers should start by shopping for the best mortgage and compare interest rates. That said, here are some ways to cut costs:

  1. Shop for mortgages at several local banks, credit union if you are a member, and online lenders that are serving your area.
  2. Know the loan’s contract interest rate; the annual percentage rate, which includes closing costs and express them as part of an overall interest rate; and a good faith estimate of closing costs. The loan with the lowest calculated APR is the least costly option.
  3. Pay closing costs up front instead of wrapping them into the mortgage. If you don’t, you’ll pay interest on that few thousand dollars for the life of the loan.

Cartier Mansion Renovation

Not too long ago, I got this correspondence from Cartier Mansion. The Fifth Avenue location is going to undergo a facelift and will be closed by month end. The new location on Fifth and 59th will open in early April. I still have to find out when is the exact date of its opening.

So to all the Cartier fans out there, please take note and don’t get lost.


Paint The Town Green With Sprinkles

Follow the rainbow to Sprinkles for an Irish Chocolate cupcake! Better than a pot o’ gold, you’ll find this Belgian dark chocolate cake topped with a Baileys Irish cream cheese frosting. Adorned with Sprinkles green shamrock, beware of mischievous leprechauns after your treasure!
Irish Chocolate cupcakes
From whipping meringue into perfect peaks to cooking curd without scrambling the eggs, this lemon meringue pie recipe was harder than you hoped! Toss your whisk and let Sprinkles handle your favorite summertime classic with Lemon Meringue cupcakes. This graham cracker-lined fragrant lemon cake is generously filled with lip-puckering lemon curd and topped with a sweet, fluffy cloud of toasted marshmallow. Easy peasy.
Lemon Meringue cupcakes
For one weekend only, the classic Red Velvet cake flaunts a new hue… share some with your friends or they’ll be green with envy! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this lucky light chocolate cake, tinted green and topped with cream cheese frosting. Adorned with Sprinkles green modern dot.
Green Velvet cupcakes
Toss the macaroons and enjoy a Passover dessert that you’ll want all year long. Sprinkles Passover box features a dozen Flourless Chocolate cupcakes adorned with blue Star of David. Sealed with a Star of David sticker.
Flourless Chocolate cupcakes

Positively Possible

My nephew’s impending visit is stressing me out. It’s not because I have issues with hosting, but because until now I haven’t come up just yet with my final choice for a belated birthday gift for him. I made sure to let him know last month that his present will be handed to him once he’s here.

Since his passion for music has been re-ignited (after he completed his degree in Engineering) a classic pg58-qtr from guitar center may be a good gift idea. I do hope he won’t mind if I give him something that’s moderately priced. Knowing how steep the prices of these guitars can be, I have to make sure that I can wing it.

Without much knowledge about it, I need to do my own research and read up online articles about it. I don’t want to commit a big blunder especially because I’m not fond of returning items that I buy either online or from brick and mortar store.

When A New Scent Is In Order

Many perfume experts believe and recommend that we should change our fragrance every few years. We, on the other hand think, it’s just a sales ploy. But no, it really is worth looking into because studies revealed that after a few weeks, that favorite bottle of scent has already lost some of its mojo. The people around us and even ourselves become desensitized to the same scent.

Reality is that a lot of us wear the same scent year in and year out. But as the perfume experts say, we wouldn’t be wearing the same outfit that we wore many years ago the same way. We would normally give it some modern twist.

I think the best gauge is, if it’s been a long time since we got a compliment on the scent we’re wearing, then it’s time to take the leap and switch.