Be Wary Of Cheaper Alternatives

With the proliferation of Dollar Stores, we often stumble upon items that are priced way below their regular retail prices. However, we have to be cautious, as there can be hidden dangers if the items we buy are not manufactured within standards. Here’s what to check out before buying:

  1. Be wary of buying no-name products; not that it guarantees safety, but with the name of the manufacturer on the label, the maker can be tracked down should there be problems.
  2. Warning labels should be carefully checked, as there are items labeled with conflicting information or written in ungrammatical English.
  3. Products that are sold so cheap as compared to their counterparts sold in a regular retail store can be counterfeit or defective.
  4. Go only for certified electrical products with Underwriters Laboratories marks embossed or tagged and maybe holographic.

These are what I can think of right now. I might come up with some more to add later.

Nail Talk

I was browsing this website when my attention was suddenly switched to my fingernails. There’s a couple of them that’s about to break.

Do your nails break and peel, and are you tired of dealing with that condition? Why not check out the way you file them. They say that nails stay stronger when you shape the tip to mimic the shape of the base.

So, if the cuticle end of your nail is a half-moon or an oval, file the tip in a similar shape. If the cuticle end is square (or “squoval” – between a square and an oval) use that as a guideline.

The problem is, what if your nail is simply just weak like mine? I can’t grow my nails long because aside from the fact that I’m no longer comfortable having long nails, they also break easily. It’s good, my nails are inherently long and slender, so they still look feminine and nice even if they are trimmed short.

Lung Friendly

I recently came across an article signifying the protection an apple gives to the lungs. It stated, that apples help to reduce coughing and phlegm in people with chronic lung problems. In fact, the effect of apple on the lungs is way better than 14 other fruits. Apart form lung protection, it’s also been noted that apples may protect against asthma and lung cancer, on top of the fiber and flavonoids which are so abundant in apples, that’s already known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Upon reading this, all the more I realized the benefits of apples. As they say: “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” If I were to believe everything, then it’s important to have a daily dose of apple. It’s even further noted that you get the full benefit of apples if you eat them with the skin intact, provided it’s washed thoroughly, to get the full fiber content.

It Can’t Be That Early

It’s been awhile since my last post here. It’s hard to believe we’re finally into ‘ber months’ and before we even know it the holidays will be here.

It’s not that crazy to start thinking about holiday presents. After all, if you don’t want to get caught with the shopping rush, now is the best time to start the list and think through what’s perfect for each gift recipient.

My list through the years consist of diverse personalities. There are those who love arts, fashion, beauty, writing, as well as music. I think gifts for the music lovers will best be sourced from the musicians friend distribution center. Perusing online stores as my main source of gifts will definitely be the norm for me this year. I find it more convenient, less time consuming and not to forget the fact that there lies tons of discounts.

So let the shopping begin!

Beautiful But Tough To Maintain

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a cleaning tip on this page. Where have I been anyway? Ah… I was just around but life has been chaotic lately thus my disappearance.

Is there really a way to clean most sizes crystals without removing them? Yes! Ensure that you switch off the chandelier and let it cool. To protect the furniture or the floor underneath, you have to cover them with plastic tablecloth to catch drips. Don’t spray cleaner directly onto the fixture because the cleaner can corrode the metal parts. Instead, wear a clean cotton gloves; spray glass cleaner on one and leave the other dry. You can then go ahead and go over each crystal with the damp glove, then wipe with the dry one. Sounds simple but it does require some elbow grease.

Clean the cold bulbs too and never rotate a chandelier because the wiring can get damaged and you might get a shock.

Pretty straightforward isn’t it?

Improvements Abound

There have been many improvements being done in our local church since the arrival of the new Pastor almost a year ago. All of these work and enhancements are vital to the well-being of the church going community as well as for the structure itself.

One of the first improvement that was in place in no time was an all improved sound system. The difference from the old to the new is like night and day. Now, every word is clear and audible, every note as the cantor sings, as well as the music from the organ is crisp and clear. I wonder if there is any possibility that a fender princeton is in place. I wish I can find that out for myself.

But the biggest improvement and probably the most expensive to date  was the repaving of the church’s parking lot. Though there was some inconvenience during the construction, it was all worth it.

Not too many churches have the funds to do some improvements as many churches are struggling. Ours is probably one of the few and I can’t be happier. I guess, it goes to show that the dedication and support of the parishioners is unwavering.

Get That Home Inspected

So, you just moved in to that newly built home. It’s nice and it feels good right? I know, nothing beats the joy and sense of accomplishment moving in to a house you can call your own, more so, if it’s just built. Unfortunately, we know of a lot of cases where a lot of these homes have serious defects and as such, the homeowners face the problem of shelling out more money to shoulder the costs of repair. Often, the fast pace of construction is the known culprit.

A lot of the defects on new homes show up months or even years after moving day. So, what is the best defense of a would-be homeowner? Hire a real estate lawyer and a building inspector engineer. A few key clauses in your contract and inspections during construction can save grief later. But still even if this is in place, you must know that there’s still a chance that something can go wrong. Case in point, my husband’s best friend. He didn’t buy a newly built home. It was a 25 year old home he bought in New Jersey. As a matter of good measure, he hired both professionals as stated above, yet, he still wound up having a flooded basement as soon as the first heavy downpour came from when they moved in. They now continue to live with a pump in their basement.

Just like any other purchase, there’s always a chance of getting a lemon. It’s good to have an open mind and be ready for any problems.