Lace Yourself: Ugg’s New Sneakers

This new feminine sneaker style tie sporty summer looks together perfectly.

It’s done in a young silhouette but a decidedly grown-up way. The Tomi is constructed from water-resistant Silkee or metallic suede with flat cotton laces, heel-cradling, luxurious, natural wool and cushy EVA insole. Rendered in an optimistic spectrum of seasonal shades, this cozy sneaker is the shoe you’ll wear everywhere.

Retirement And You

Most of us probably envision a nice lifestyle in retirement. We all want to retire rich. Who wouldn’t be? The problem is, while we are still in the workforce, we always get carried away and shop, shop, and shop until we drop. There is the allure of the sale word whenever we see the circulars or that email in our inbox. When that paycheck is coming in regularly, it’s easy to indulge thinking that the next paycheck will always come.

We reach our 40′s or 50′s and beyond with nothing to show for. Age sneaks up on us, and that is reality.

While there’s time, we can still give our finances a little face-lift. But that is only possible if we are willing to buckle down and implement the following strategies that experts deem to be important:

  1. Save, save and save more!!!
  2. Find a way to increase your income.
  3. Tax breaks should be taken advantaged of, (i.e. invest as much as you can on your 401k as the money you contribute here are pretax, such that the money grows tax-deferred) just make sure you file taxes properly so there’s no future issues and may need EGH Law later on.
  4. Be a wise investor. Diversify!
  5. Stop making your house your cash cow. Borrowing against your house is NOT good. You may end up unable to pay your mortgage when you’re ready to quit working.
  6. Lead a healthy lifestyle. You need it to be able to work, and stay on the job longer. Financial experts predict that in the not so distant future, age 70 will be the new 65.

Last Week To Save

With the warmer weather just around the corner, many people are in the mood to renovate, beautify or re-decorate their homes, and yours truly is no exception.

What can be better than having what you need to re-decorate at discounted prices. Calico is now offering store wide summer sales and there’s only a week left.

Calico - Storewide Summer Sale

Coco Mademoiselle In Limited Edition

Chanel is introducing the Limited Edition Extravagant Scented Foam Bath and Gentle Body Exfoliant. The scented Foam Bath is an extravagance of delicately perfumed bubbles leaving skin cleansed, soothed and gently scented with irresistibly feminine fragrance. The Body Exfoliant on the other hand is subtly scented with irresistibly feminine fragrance. The lush, creamy texture features gentle buffing grains to smooth and silken skin. Both are in limited edition.


Safe Weight Loss Strategy

Are you in that phase when you are dieting more than ever, but don’t weigh any less? Perhaps, you also exercise regularly, but you’re still flabby. As a result, your once perfectly fitting clothes now seem snug.

There are ways to supercharge your metabolism. Although, there are no magic bullets, boosting the number of calories that your body burns everyday can help you maintain or lose weight.

Relying on just a weighing scale is not advisable. Reason being, that you should not only know your body weight, you should also know your body fat percentage. Getting an expert to weigh in by visiting a local gym and ask for a body fat reading should be a priority.

Moreover, crash dieting is a no-no. You might end up getting sick. This just sends the body into starvation mode and getting sick is not a good option as a result from trying to lose weight. Just make sure, you can easily get assistance such if you don’t have a coverage in place. Shedding extra pounds slowly by ensuring an intake of 1,200 to 1,500 calorie range can help you slim down. Apart from that, you should not only do cardio. Strength training such as using resistance bands and dumbbells should help you pump iron.

More importantly, living a high stress, low sleep life sends extra fat to your waistline. Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc. You should sleep more and stress less. When one snoozes long, the risk of weight problems is significantly diminished.

Reminiscing: Wedding Flashback

In a few months, we will be celebrating our fourteenth wedding anniversary. Oh how time flies! In the blink of an eye, as though it was only yesterday, when we went through the arduous task of preparing for the wedding. That was some experience! A mixture of emotions floor me when I look back.

There’s been so many changes, many loved ones are gone, but here we are still going strong. I can’t help but think about the most important article on our wedding day aside from the wedding rings – that’s none other than my wedding gown. All I wanted was a custom made piece that’s timeless and elegant which was executed very well but drained the wedding budget. I hate to admit it but it’s the truth and looking back now, I think I went overboard.


I have no regrets with my choice but if I have to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate to look into those ready to wear wedding dresses that are not only made well and priced well. Nowadays, practicality is a top priority.

Should a renewal of vows be in the offing a few years down the road, I think I’d be much more equipped to know what’s practical and what’s not. Nowadays, we just need to be resourceful and use everything at our disposal to get the best value for our money. Outfitting the whole bridal entourage with wedding dresses that are tastefully designed and affordably priced is no longer impossible. With online sources and with the click of a mouse it is indeed doable.

Spring At Sprinkles

I’ve been itching to head down to the nearest Sprinkles but I haven’t had the chance to go just yet. I can’t wait to try the flourless chocolate cupcake. I wonder if I’d like it as much as the usual chocolate cupcake that I’m used to buying from them.

One of these days, I know that I’ll find myself in the area. Wishing it happens soon.

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