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  1. It’s funny I should run across your post about planning meals in advance, as I post our household menu weekly on my blog. It is part of my overall routine for the week. This pre-planning reflects the importance I put on personal responsibility for the quality of our lifestyle. It is so much easier to make good choices when you take the time to make a plan and live by it – as much as is possible, that is!

    I enjoy your insights and I am going to subscribe to read what more you have to share!

  2. it’s true gina. that’s why even if it takes a while to sit down and plan, there is simply no better way. thanks for commenting.

  3. That’s funny about shopping on Wednesday. The grocery store here runs their ads from Thursday through Wednesday – so by Wednesday they are usually out of a several of the advertised items. Also, they run their double coupon specials on the last Wednesday of the month. Of course, maybe that is their attempt to get people into the store?

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