Ways To Avoid Identity Theft — 4 Comments

  1. Oo nga at naunahan mo ako. Sumama kaming mag grocery shopping kasi ang aking mister eh naglilihi…gusto ng burger for lunch so lumabas kami to eat sa fast food…once in a blue moon…haha…

    Hay naku pag may kasama kang 5 year old it takes twice as much time to do your grocery shopping kasi lahat gustong hawakan…hehe…ayun we were at Walmart for 3 hours ata…

    Anyway, enjoy mo rin the rest of your Sunday. Time to make dinner na…hay layf talaga….


    Tuks’s last blog post..Angelina Jolie…

  2. You can also pick up one of those identity theft kits. I mean, they’re not kits to steal identities 😆 they’re like put-together services to set up account securities and provide monitoring. I picked up the Suze Orman id theft prot. kit myself. It’s working out, but with stuff like this, it’s best if you never have to use them, right?

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