Tricks To Make You Rich — 11 Comments

  1. Sis, Thanks for this tips! Makes me stop hoarding..hehe Btw, you want me to upload a plug-in where you can reply the commenter through here and send it to their email directly? That way they can read your reply… or I did that already? 😐

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  2. excellent excellent!!!
    very wise way to becoming wealthy! πŸ˜€
    thanks for sharing…

    and oh,.. neat blog this is!

  3. Who doesn’t want to get rich? But my hubby and I are just living a simple and ordinary life. We don’t have a big income and compared to my friends, we are the poorest. We maybe poor in financial matters but we are rich with God’s love and we are happy and contented with our life. We have lots of wants but God give our needs and we are so grateful to Him. He takes care of the sparrows, how much more of us human beings whom He created after His own image?

  4. Before I got saved and came to know the Lord, getting rich was one of my goals in life. But it all changed when I got saved. I learned that I can’t take my riches in the grave and so serving my Lord is my priority and giving our tithes and whatever financial help in the church that the Lord puts in our hearts. Kung saan nandon ang kayamanan mo andon din ang puso mo.

  5. @ Lisa

    I salute your humility and simplicity. Wish I can be like that. I don’t mean to say I’m not contented with our life because I AM, but seem like something is always missing.

  6. i do not have enough motivation to really work on getting rich. i don’t know maybe i know deep in me that life is simple and wanting more and more for other things is what makes life complicated. but i respect what others aspire for.

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