Banana Bread — 18 Comments

  1. I love banana breads! i always grab myself one on my way to work.

    Juliana, that really looks delicious!

  2. I just gotta try this recipe 😀 ‘coz I love banana breads but I usually buy them or if I make it at home, I use the ready mix found in the grocery 😳

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  3. Hubby and I love banana bread/muffins that’s why I often bake it. Visit my new blog and you will see the banana bread that I baked at Will you please add my new domain here? I will add you now. By the way, that muffin molder of yours is so pretty. I haven’t seen one like that in the stores. Where did you buy it?

  4. hello sis! got ur email. sorry, didn’t see ur reply to my comment. 😉

    anyways, those banana bread look yummy! just heard of them though. are those the same with banana cake? hehe.

  5. @ Lisa,
    that muffin pan is disposable, you know the aluminum kind. I didn’t want to do a clean up so I decided to use it that day and just threw them after. Will add your new site. Ay ano ba ‘yan, dami mo nang blogs. kakapagod nyan.

  6. @ Monique

    maybe, you’d wanna try and make it one day. it’s a very easy recipe. let me know once you’ve tried. thanks for commenting monique.

  7. picture pa lang, yummy na 🙂 I wish that i can cook one in the future. i’ll keep your recipe…

  8. Banana muffins will be the first one I’m going to bake once I acquire my own oven.

    Last Maunday friday, my sister in law and I tried baking oatmeal cookies and butterscotch bars in my brother on law’s house, they’re not 100 percent perfect but our kids loved them.

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