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  1. i do not go to doctors. except during times heavy with babies. but never for myself. i got this phobia of seeing a hospital after 3 CSections. i have never visited a doctor but this got me thinking: “I always have the thought that I’m the only witness to a crime that’s committed in my body”

    hailey’s last blog post..Angel Of Friendship

  2. I absolutely agree… those little things are so very important. Sadly, my medical mystery hasn’t been solved, but I can rest easy knowing there was nothing I was “too afraid” to reveal.

    Monique’s last blog post..You Think You Know #13

  3. @ Monique

    good thing, there’s no findings as you said, that you’re too afraid to reveal.

    hope you’ll find the answer to that medical mystery soon. it will be a lot better knowing what it is.

    take care!

  4. @ Hailey

    now at least I found one that’s just like my FIL. all of his 76 years of existence, he rarely go and see the doctor except when it’s absolutely necessary.

    that’s not too good, though. you should treat the doctor as a friend haha.

  5. I think Filipinos have this notion that there is no reason to go to the doctor unless you are really sick kaya madalas most end up knowing about their illness eh nasa serious stages na. thanks to health cards, more and more individuals now visit the doctors more often (isa ako dito :p)

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