Heart Attack Warning Signs — 9 Comments

  1. just in case you or someone you know got a circulating email back in ’99 or early 2000 about coughing to save yourself from a heart attack, research has proven that it is not really recommended by medical professionals and would only work for very specific circumstances like when the patient has abnormal heart rhythm.

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  2. Not all Heart attacks have the classic Hollywood style chest crushing pain.
    Many heart attacks, especially in women have the more subtle ones that you describe.
    Women are also more likely to delay in ringing

    If you can get to the hospital within an hour then your chances of full recovery are massivly improved.
    Dont hestitate, if in doubt ring the emergency services immediately!


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  3. heart attack was ranked as the number 1 killer disease in the phils. as they say, it is a “traitor”. so we should all be careful especially those middle aged individuals. well, it doesn’t go with age actually. it can happen to anyone anytime.

  4. at the first sign of discomfort, always consult your doctor. here in the Philippines (due to high doctor’s fee and lack of health cards), many people would only visit their doctors if they are already in terrible pain.
    sad to say that I had 2 relatives who died from heart attacks but still it didn’t serve as a warning to other family members.

  5. @ mari

    sorry to hear about what happened to your relatives. there’s nothing like being proactive and act at once.

  6. Thanks for this wonderful post Juliana, I said wonderful because I learned so much that I now know how to advise and take better care of my hubby. He has hypertension and it runs in their blood. Prevention is better than cure.

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  7. never had a kin with heart condition but still it pays to be well informed. I heard sometimes you don’t eevn kow you had attacks..this desease is really a traitor.

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