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  1. Awan met ti kinaarruba ditoy US. Imbag pay diay Pilipinas ta kanayon nga umay diay balay ti kaaarruba mi. I don’t even know my neighbors here. I miss the Philippines already. There’s no place like home.

  2. I cannot say that I’m a good neighbor when you take into consideration that I very rarely socialize with them but I make sure that I don’t become a nuisance to them… I mean after all the chores I have to finish at home (that’s after working at the office) I just don’t have the energy to go out and talk to my neighbors and the free time that I have I’d rather watch a DVD, or read a book, or go online, or sleep! My hubby, is another story though, he makes up for all the “neighborly” stuff! 😆

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  3. sigh. neighbors. neighbors. pwede mag-add? 🙄 if you’re going to renovate, at least inform the neighbor about it. guess what? our neighbor had their home (ka-duplex namin eh) renovated that took ages. and they did not bother to check the time, everytime they start to make pukpok!!! imagine having to wake up with that annoying sound at 7am..even on saturdays and holidays?!?

    at isa pang problema sa maynila pagdating sa kapitbahay? PARKING! hay nako, no need to elaborate (lets just say the same neighbor exceeds the allowed number of cars kahit na 3 cars allowed na sila) .

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  4. it is good to be ‘good’ to your neighbors. they are the closest persons that you can count on in case of emergencies (don’t know if this applies in the US also, kasi you have 911 naman 🙂

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  5. We got new neighbors a couple months ago and we have yet to even see them to welcome them to the neighborhood. The only way we knew someone has moved in is the fact that their dog barks incessantly!

    I really don’t want our first interaction to be a confrontation over their obnoxious dog, but each day that goes on makes me want to call out animal control rather than the welcome wagon!

    We are conscientious, long-term neighbors who don’t bother anyone around us. That’s why it strikes me as so rude and disrespectful for them to just move into our quiet neighborhood and let their dog bark and bark and bark.

    I sure miss the nice quiet senior citizens who just moved away from that house!

  6. @ gina

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation. It must be very annoying. It’s strange though, that they’ve been there a couple of months and you haven’t seen them yet. That dog must be as un-friendly as his masters.

  7. Hi Juliana,

    I agree with all the rules you stated. We must be considerate of our neighbors and keep in mind the golden rule. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.

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  8. same here, sis. we have this neighbor too that i really despise. i’m not the type who minds other people’s business but for her, it’s like she can’t last a day without creating nonsense stuff about people. i’m not the only one who dislike her though, almost everyone in the neighborhood does. 😆

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  9. this made me realize na 2 years na since I move with where hubby lives pero wala man alng akong kilalang neighboors, as in neighboors ha? pero we have lots of friends naman from the community..pero as in yung kapitbahay? wala eh.

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