I Got Cut — 13 Comments

  1. wooh!!! i hope your finger’s better now.

    in addition, you should also wash your cut under running water. this is to remove any dirt that can infect the cut.

  2. I just did this exact same thing to my left thumb last week while chopping onions! I had to throw away a bunch of onion because the blood got on it. It’s still sore, but healing.

  3. Even if you’re careful, sometimes accident happen like cutting your fingers. It happened to me too several times but it was just a small cut. I’m glad you’re ok now. I don’t like seeing blood too. Just can’t stand it. Careful, careful…

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  4. what a coincidence! I got cut yesterday during lunch break… when I was washing my soup bowl it slipped from my hands but I tried to save it from being broken but I guess I was too late… before I knew it I had a deep cut running from the tip to the first “joint” of my middle finger and boy did it bleed! My officemate got so scared she wanted to rush me to the nearest emergency clinic! ๐Ÿ™„

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  5. Thanks for sharing some tips on how to manage cuts. Even when you’re not angry, sometimes you accidentally get cut, like when thinking of chores to do next while cutting veggies or meat.

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  6. hmmm…never thought alcohol is not advisable to use on cuts. i’ve actually used it before. thanks for the info, sis. now i know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  7. @ Kaje

    yeah the cut has healed, but sad to say I haven’t collected the money owed. it’s sad, it’s been that long and believe it or not, it’s not pennies we lent and the borrower just turned their back at us. now, we just consider it like we went to the casino and lost big time.

    God is good, he had already replaced that money more than a thousand fold.

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