Closet Clutter Buster — 10 Comments

  1. My closets are organized… every other month 😆 I wish I had walk in closets though, more space… and maybe then hubby wont keep undoing what I have already organized!

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  2. I wish for a walk-in closet too (inggetera ang lola mo :roll:) but even if we do not have one, I always make sure that our cabinets are well-organized. I sort everything out before I put clothes inside the cabinets. I also use different boxes for undies and socks to keep things organized… and para G won’t make ‘halukay’ to look for his things because every thing’s on its proper place 😀

  3. i invest in storage boxes, it’s where I keep my kids’ toys, kakainis pag kalat kalat ang mga toys, there are incidents when step on them.

    giving away stuff that are no longer in use is a way to keep your drawers or closet organize & neat.

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  4. Our walk-in closet is full of stuffs, from top to bottom, he-he! Hirap pag limited lang ang space at closet sa bahay, walang paglagyan ng mga abubot.

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