When To Be Quiet — 14 Comments

  1. Another time to be quiet: when you’ve done something wrong. If the hubby is mad, keep quiet because its your fault. If he’s not mad, keep quiet because what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes I can’t keep my mouth shut. I need to practice self control about this. I’m frank and I speak out what’s in my heart.

  3. @ Jenny

    parang ako driver nyo. I was never scared of MMDA. bigay ko nga license ko. the aunt of one of my friends is with MMDA kaya, it was no hassle. I just had to pay the fee, and pronto my license is back the next day. when I was in Manila violator ako haha.

  4. with #2, since we do not have dishwasher… i prefer to wash the dishes na lang rather than comment on hubby’s style 🙂
    …or I redo everything once he is out of the kitchen :p

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  5. I really want to comment on number 4. A lot of my officemates who already look sexy keep on dieting and complaining about their bulegs when in fact wala naman and sasabihin pa sa harap ko…grrrr. I really think that this does not only require the person to be quite but being sensitive too.

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