Why I Love All Clad — 15 Comments

  1. every since, I really wished for a beautiful and well-equipped kitchen…

    kaya on my post on your other site di ba? I was requesting that you share a picture of your kitchen also… kaso now, patikim pa lang… bitin πŸ™‚

  2. But I heard there in New York, there is a place where you can find good quality items at bargain prices. I read it in Marketman’s post, but I forgot the name of the place na. Woodbury? Woodrose? Something like that. πŸ™‚

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  3. Most of my pots and pans are stainless. I don’t use the non-stick pot and pans no more. Like what you said, they can cause cancer according to studies.

  4. When I read that non-stick pots and pans can cause cancer, I sold all my non-stick pans in a garage sale last year including my deep fryer and non-stick electric grill which I only used a few times. Now I only use stainless and cast iron pans.

  5. @ Hailey

    haha, there’s no way these are going to be discarded. they can be pass on to the next generation ika nga. some people nga, they include in their written will this brand of cookware .

    besides they’re so mabigat para dalhin.

  6. @ Jenny

    they are pricey too kahit dito. I’ve never encountered discounted all-clads anywhere. yung mga seconds they do sell cheaper, but I won’t even bother buying seconds, as I want it to last me a lifetime. in fact, it will outlive me nga daw.

  7. @ Jenny

    that ‘s Woodbury Commons Premium Outlet. Yes, they’re cheaper than department store prices. But with the high cost of gas, I won’t even want to venture out. It’s not close by us.

  8. I agree with one of the comments, clad pots & pans and other kitchen equipments are so expensive here in PI.

    My sister who’s currently living in Qatar told me she bought non stick frying pans in that country and she find them cheap but not anymore if you buy them here in Pinas.

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  9. yung mama ko mahilig mamili ng gamit sa kitchen.. gusto kong ilagay sa wish list ko para sa mama ko kaso ndi naman siya ako ehh.. ahaha..

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