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  1. Wow, nice naman. Mabalin met gayam nga mai-frame ta wedding. It’s only now that I’ve seen one. It’s a nice display, unique.

  2. @ Lisa

    definitely here sa US. it would have cost me more including the freight charges. besides, it’s super heavy.

  3. My friend told me she would frame her daughter’s baptismal gown. I’ve seen some brides preserve and frame their flower bouquets, but its the first time I’ve actually seen a framed gown. 🙂

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  4. no wonder you gown costs $$$. it has intricate designs, ganda!!!
    sana nga you can pass the top din… and one of your niece will fit in it. you’re so slim 🙂

  5. nice 🙂 sigh, my gown is still in the cabinet I should do something about it. sayang naman talaga kung masira lang. hubby don’t consider it cheap (he actually wants to sell it gahhhhh!!! pero iniinis niya lang ako hehe)

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  6. Wow, there is such a thing pala, framing a wedding gown to preserve it, I wonder how much it cost?

    Others find it more practical to rent a wedding gown because whether you like or not, mawawala sa usu style ng wedding gown while majority still prefers buying their own wedding gown.

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