The Cheating Checklist — 17 Comments

  1. these are helpful… hmm. i wonder if there will be a time i need to practice these observations. hopefully we need not reach that point.

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  2. When planning an illicit weekend activity for example, suddenly becomes sweet and attentive, but gets back to his old routine after his ‘tryst’.

    I can enumerate other things per my own experience but that would be giving away my ‘painful’ secrets:-)

    Cheers anyway!

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  3. @ Lotusflower

    this is another good one. you see, I had some “good training” on eyeing for some clues because some years back I was deeply committed to helping a friend catch her cheating husband hahaha.

    thanks for sharing.

  4. You can really tell if a man is cheating especially if he’s your hubby. Women’s intuition is strong when it comes to that. I’m just blessed that my hubby is faithful and loyal to me and I really trust him that he will stay faithful to me for life.

  5. I have a friend whose hubby cheated on her. She discovered that he’s talking to somebody in a dating site and he posted there that he’s single. She was so mad and she confronted him but he denied. His hubby is a womanizer and she’s the 4th wife. Itim kasi yong asawa kaya pati ugali itim din.

  6. i hope none of us wives need to use these tips on our husbands πŸ™‚ let’s just help our friends πŸ™‚

    i heard of some of these tips before (from my mom :p)… either my dad was just so good or my mom was just too paranoid back then. I’m just happy that they lasted 31 years of being together and still counting.

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  7. I’ve seen this list many times before, but it seems reasonably commonsense still. So husbands just need to avoid these things to get away with cheating? :mrgreen:

    Actually #4 is a problem, reminds me of this joke: What do you call a man who says he gets too much sex? A liar. πŸ˜†

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  8. “He’s spending more money, but won’t disclose to you what he is buying. ”

    I got this before, when I still had an a****** for a husband. This is what lead me to put up keyloggers in our computer and eventually divorce the bastard.

    IMO I think this is the MOST obvious sign.

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