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  1. This is to show you how much I like Asparagus… I said I was going to try it ASAP and so I made a bee line to the grocery, got my Asparagus and cooked it right away! We don’t have an oven though, so I used our turbo broiler and used ordinary salt… voila! yummy talaga sya!

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  2. I love asparagus but I like it steam and dip it with Bragg’s liquid aminos with lemon juice. Yummy. I’ll try this recipe of yours one of these days for variation.

  3. love asparagus too. i always do the same everytime i bought some at the grocery 🙂

  4. hey
    dont mean to be rude or mean
    as a part time job im a cook at a hotel’s restaurant,
    and i dont consider asparagus as a meal,
    thus, i do not tend to try cooking it in the oven,
    you might try this dish :
    -make some rice, put it in the middle of the plate
    -put some asparagus, some broccoli, and some baby carrots in a plastic bag (dont close it), and microwave it for about 2 minutes, and put them all beside the rice
    -then cook a piece of hallibut in the oven, put it on rice
    -and put some fruit salsa on top of your hallibut.
    lol thats one of my favourite dishes,

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  5. @ pedram

    hey, I’m not a part time cook like you, I’m just a housewife with no formal cooking school exposure; just a housewife cooking for two. AND I DIDN’T AND I’M NOT CONSIDERING ASPARAGUS AS A MEAL, as you wrote. I WROTE IT’S A DISH. Meal and dish are two different words, at least in my book.

    thanks for your suggestion, mr. part time cook. very well appreciated.

  6. i can’t remember the last time i ate asparagus… mostly sa soup pa, to think marami nyan sa baguio 🙂 try ko nga para maiba naman.

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