Tackling Laundry — 9 Comments

  1. honestly ndi ako marunong mag laba.. ahehe.. promise.. kasi ung mama ko ang nag lalaba ng clothes ko.. kea thanks to my mom tlga…

  2. @ Cindi

    thanks for the drop and stopping by. will try adding those two you mentioned. I haven’t tried them on asparagus.

  3. I do the laundry myself. I also separate the small stuffs like socks because I wash them with bleach. Hubby’s socks are all white. If there are tough stains that can’t be removed by the washing machine, I hand wash it.

  4. washing clothes is one of my favorite household chores, next to washing dishes… i wash meticulously, as in I wanted everything to be really clean and mabango. yun lang, magastos ako sa tubig at sabon

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