The Sniffles That Bloom In The Spring — 6 Comments

  1. maybe the first bulleted sentence applies to my two kids. i just observe how they sniffle more frequently, specially in the morning.

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  2. I agree, I have asthma and it really does act up more in certain season — like now (summer in PI). And I try to stay away from allergens (so it does pay to know what they are) since the heat is already hard enough to take as it is and having an attack now could very well ruin my plans for the summer!

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  3. Many people have allergies and so does my hubby. One of my friends too have a real bad allergy and she often go to the doctor for a shot.

  4. @ Lisa

    Frank has gone that route with allergy shots. he did it for 1 year. I will never want to take the same treatment. pang zyrtec na lang ako forever.

  5. Hey! Another great way to combat allergies that you got from moving to a new place is to find a local beekeeper and buy honey from them and have a spoonful every day!

    The pollen and such that you are allergic to is in minor amounts in the honey, and you body will build up GOOD defenses over time instead of causing an allergic reaction. 🙂

    It also helps support local industry, which is always a good thing!

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  6. i used to be allergy-free until i moved here in my in-laws… there must be something in their house that causes it?

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