Five Girlfriends Every Woman Should Have — 7 Comments

  1. True friends are hard to find and you can’t find all the 5 characteristics that you mentioned in just one person. I would be glad if my friend has the #! and #2.

  2. its the other way round for me… my friends are lucky because i am the combination of numbers 1 & 3 type of friend 🙂 (magbuhat sandali ng bangko :p)

    i’m also lucky that i have all of these types of girlfriends in them…

  3. I am fortunate enough to have all these, not in 5 different people though… A couple of them comes as 2 in 1 so…

    I’ll have to find that book… sounds like a worthwhile read!

    Heidi’s last blog post..2 years and counting

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