Unhappy Returns — 3 Comments

  1. I believe its easier to return items there in US compared here in PI. good thing, no return no exchange policy here is slowly being removed.

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  2. My hubby and I are not fond of returning things that we bought. I did it maybe 3 times only since I’ve been here. My hubby doesn’t wanna bother himself going back to the store and return things if he doesn’t like the item. He’ll just keep it or give it away.

  3. it’s so much hassle returning stuff that I end up just giving them away or throwing them out… (I guess I’m just impatient) I had to return an item once at a popular mall here in the Philippines and it took them ages to attend to me. I wasted almost 3 hours that day waiting and explaining to like 6 different persons and being passed around like a ball to different departments, and that experience really caused me to be wary of making returns since then!

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