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  1. A few things I picked up along the way, high blog PR stats like alexa, technorati, google ratings make you a good PPP reviewer/sponsored writer, I believe 🙂

    What can I say?

    A good evening to you mula sa bayan mong Pilipinas:-)


  2. @ Lotusflower

    ganun na nga yata. shocked lang ako because even when I submitted my lair blog, it was almost the same stat as this one but it took them longer to approve.

    saan ka nga sa pinas?

  3. My food blog In My Kitchen had been approved in a few hours too in PPP right after I submitted it a few days ago. My Online Journal was approved in a day. I think PPP approved blogs quicker now.

  4. PPP works double time ata these days… they are into auto-approve mode on posts na rin. I think this is because there are more and more paid sites being marketed already. Its their way of competing with other sites siguro?

  5. @ Mari

    it’s great nga. I’ve had the auto approve mode on my posts a week after I started to write for them on my blogspot pa. they sent me an email about the notice after a week of writing for them way back in October 2007, and it’s been on auto approve since then. nakakatuwa, tapos my 5 tack rating with them just keeps growing, kaya kaka-inspire magsulat kasi I’m earning moolah at the same time while being motivated by the rating.

  6. yup, kaya nga nakakatuwa na kahit we don’t get to go out and work, there is something for us through the paid posts that they are giving 🙂

    more opps for us!!!

    congrats to you and your blogsites 🙂

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