Phony People: Can You Spot One? — 6 Comments

  1. Yes, fakes can be spotted a mile away. True. Body language is a pretty good indicator of what a person really feels, except when that person is an artista.

    Somehow I was trained in reading body language because I had a sales and marketing job for a long time. Much of my corporate life was spent reading people during the entire sales process. Thing is, customers or would be customers rarely tell you what they want. Much is said, none of which is what they really want to express:-(

    When I put up my own business, my selling was done on the phone most of the time. And it is much harder to read someone’s mind when he/she is 15-20 kilometers away:-) Voice inflections, minor or otherwise can mean disapproval or frustration, boredom, disinterest, dissatisfaction, etc.

    I think the key is one’s own sincerity, if you are real, you WOULD know who is not. As they say, you can not sting an honest person.

    BTW here’s something about entrecard:

    Please refer to:

    Ah, but I guess that was not necessary because of your Comment Luv plugin 🙂

    Also, I think you were asking from what part of RP I am?

    Good morning from sunny Marikina:-)


  2. @ lotusflower

    you nailed it in the head. amen to this. oh, and we have one thing in common, I was in the same industry (sales & marketing) as you when I was still in corporate management at P & G. dakilang maybahay na lang ngayon.

    thanks for the mention sa post mo. I did leave a comment on your blog, if you haven’t seen it, I’m not sure na if it went thru.

    have a great day!

  3. thinking how people can really create their own mask in front of other people, i wished i took up psych also in college. this was my second choice for college but i went with bio instead…

  4. sometimes I can tell if a person is just like a walking tupperware or being phony. You can tell by their actions too. But there are those who are so good in acting and you can’t really tell.

  5. A phony person can also be one who will speak to you when their alone, but when their with friends/associates/colleges they do not speak. Or worse, pretend like they don’t know you.

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