Floaters — 5 Comments

  1. Did you have floaters? I read somewhere that some floaters are congenital, but if you experienced them recently lang, I guess it’s from a different cause na…

    Heidi’s last blog post..Why?

  2. @ Heidi

    it happened at least a couple of times in the last few years. kaya, I asked my ophthalmologist about it.

  3. oh no… mukhang i’m in deep trouble 🙂 i experience floaters madalas. it usually occurs prior to me experiencing migraine… 😕 😕

  4. @ Mari

    you have to go and have that checked. remember, we only have one pair of eyes. di madaling ma-replace.

  5. I think I really need to go to an eye doctor too for check up. Since I’ve been infront of these laptop, my vision became blurry.

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