Are You Drained? — 3 Comments

  1. i prefer to be surrounded by positive people and somebody who knows the meaning of give & take.

    i have few friends whom i haven’t seen for a long time and when they remember me, they would send me an SMS asking me to lend them money…duh..ano ako cebuana luhillier?

  2. sad to say but this is the reason why i really really want to move out from my in-law’s house… I feel that my bad side is coming out. when in fact, before i moved in here I never knew I had that ‘bad side’ at all.

    mari’s last blog post..100 questions

  3. I’m glad I don’t have friends and loved ones here who drained my energy. I can’t handle these kind of people. My siblings only ask help if they really need it like when my 2 brothers got married. We send them money as our gift for them. After that, they don’t ask me no more.

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