Do You Know Your Credit Score? — 5 Comments

  1. i closed my credit card account for 4 years without knowing my credit score.. but, i would still try it though.. just to take a look 😛

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  2. i wish it is possible for us to check our credit score here in PI for free… but I dont know where to start or where to ask.

  3. @ Mari

    may credit score na ba ngayon dyan? because here, there are credit reporting agencies that are really setting the standards. it’s where banks, lending companies, utility companies and even employers or landlords go to, to know more about “you”.

    here, it’s as if you don’t exist if you have no credit history. your life is ruined if you have a bad credit history or low credit score. not a lot of companies would want to deal with you,even utilities nga, kahit employers will not even want you. grabe dito.

    unlike sa atin dati, if it didn’t change ha, you deal with creditor to creditor. I know of someone dati kahit messed up na credit card nya, she was still able to get one from another bank only because she was gainfully employed.

  4. i don’t think there is already a company or agency that provides credit score here in PI manang. I want to inquire about our credit score nga sana but wala akong alam kung saan pwede magpacompute.

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