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  1. I disagree with your arguments. For years eggs were suppose to be bad for you even though people have eaten them for years. The cholesterol was suppose to be bad for your heart. However, that has been proved wrong.

    Eggs are on top of many of diet plan lists. They are a great protein and help build a healthy lean body. Some saturated fat is needed to maintain the body and it is better to get it from a healthy natural whole food like eggs.

    Anything processed in a factory instead of created in nature is always less healthy for you. I raise chickens for the eggs and I am a firm believer that whole eggs are much better than substitute eggs.

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  2. @ Chicken raiser

    I didn’t write real eggs are NOT healthy. What I’ve written are facts comparing real eggs versus egg substitute.

    Whichever people opt to buy is totally their choice. YOU ARE TOTALLY OFF TOPIC, you should understand what you’re reading. There are no suggestions written on this post, therefore there is nothing that you should DISAGREE about.

  3. Thanks for the comparison chart. I always like the real thing so I will keep on using real eggs. I love it. Egg substitutes are not bad but they’re not as good as the real eggs.

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