Do You Like Going To Your Gyno? — 8 Comments

  1. I have always opted to go to a female OB-Gyn… My first one lasted for about 6 months but I found her too impersonal and was always late in coming to her clinic so I transferred to a new one who was recommended by a friend. She was very helpful and patient in answering all my concerns and we were continuing with our fertility workups until she decided to migrate to the states, she recommended a collegue of hers for us to go to when she left but I decided to take a rest from the fertility work up so I didn’t go. Now that I’m preggy I went to the female OB that my mom recommended but hubby wants me to transfer to the female OB he and his brother are friends with at UST… Sorry, napahaba kwento… to each his own, I guess pero for me, I’m more comfortable sa female OB.

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  2. i love my OB these days. she’s jolly and easy to talk to. i can ask her any question anytime. she has become a friend throughout the months that I am with her…
    but I was supposed to switch to another gyno, a male one (if I hadn’t got myself pregnant). I think they are indeed more careful in dealing with patients. I prefer straight male rather than ‘gay’ gyno, who I find medjo unfriendly and ‘taklesa’.

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  3. I’m happy for all of you guys who are preggies. I’m not blessed to have a baby. Juliana, you maybe next to get preggy. Malay mo.

  4. my gynecologist is a female. parang nakakahiya kasi if male. i know sanay na silang mga doctor to see female organs pero just thinking of the fact na lalaki ang titingin, nahihiya pa rin me. hehehe. 😉

  5. @ Heidi

    I used to feel the same way, but after what I have gone through with the IVF for two times, na wala na ang hiya ko. walang binatbat and regular work up sis. with IVF, madami sobra ang procedure you have no choice but tumuwad hahaha.

  6. @ Mari

    your observation is right. male gynos are more straightforward and walang drama. may gay gyno ba? haven’t come across one. mine is not. he’s a good looking married man, with a very lovely wife. I know her too, she’s very friendly.

  7. @ Lisa

    ay suntok sa buwan yan, manang. I’m done na with expecting. di ko na type mag ezpect, nakaka frustrate lang kung bokya naman.

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