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  1. Everybody loves to eat but we should not overeat. I have read that we should stop eating when we are half full because it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to recognize how much is in your stomach.

  2. Your husband thinks you ration food? That’s so funny! But seriously Juliana, I find it hard to cook food just for two. Parang ang sobrang konti tingnan while cooking and when done. And, some nights, you’re hungrier than other nights. So, I cook a little more than for two. Buti na lang, my husband doesn’t mind eating leftovers the next day. 🙂

    Jenny’s last blog post..Moments in Time

  3. I agree there seems to be a conspiracy to make us fatter…lol.

    I have found that people who miraculously lose a whole bunch of
    weight do so by learning how to eat.

    We were never thought that subject in school but if we learn how to eat we can enjoy foods and not gain weight.

    Food for thought..:)

  4. how i wish i’ll gain pounds just like you, sis. hehe. i do eat a lot and i’m not picky when it comes to food but it is really hard for me to gain even just half a pound. 😉

  5. @ Lynn

    hey, don’t wish as it will come naturally. parang ako. you’ll be sorry pag ayaw umalis at unwanted na fat na hahaha.

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