The Downsides To Bath Tub Reglazing — 5 Comments

  1. Apparently someone had a bad experience, I have had this done about 5 years ago from a company in PA.y tub looks great It is in no way am i a slave to my tub.
    I clean my tub with lysol tub and tie cleanser. I never ever had mildew because the surface is mildew resistant. I do leave my shampoo and soap etc on the edge of tub with no problem. the company who did my company included a non skid surface on the bottom of the tub that is just about invisible but when i step in it prevents me from slipping. I have dropped items on the surface such as soap bottles etc. I suggest you shop around a find a real proffesional with a real address and check refrences and make sure they dont use epoxy for their topcoat thus this will be a problem down the line. I paid $285.00 to have it done about 4-5 years ago. the company who did it is still around i had my mom tub done for her BDAY about 6 mths ago they charged me $325.00. WELL GOOD LUCK ..OH BY THE WAY I SAVED OVER 3000.00 AND A TERRIBLE MESS !

  2. @ Andrew

    thanks for stopping by.

    you’re lucky, you haven’t had problems with your tub. A friend of mine who had hers done in 2004, had to do it all over again earlier this year, now costing her almost $600. and this time, she made sure she hired a real pro, one of those that do some 5 star hotels and celebrities in Manhattan. so far she likes the tub, but she was advised to follow the above as I’ve written, to preserve the beauty of her tub.

  3. @ Andrew

    and oh, I forgot to write, there is really no way I will have my tub reglazed. right now, my friend who is a clean freak use cotton buds dipped in bleach to clean up mildew in between the tiles above the tub, and make sure, none of the bleach drip. that to me, is very tedious to do it even occasionally.

    I’ll have my tubs replaced when it is absolutely needed, mess, costs and all.

  4. who redid you tub please. I had mine done and there are specks of dirt that feel like sand paper on your butt when you sit in the tub…..and where o where do you find a tub mat without suction cups. if i had known the big no no no i would have spent the 2000.– to replace my cast iron tub with a new one…

  5. @ Christina

    no, I haven’t had my tub re-glazed and will not do it ever. It was a friend who had hers done but she sold the house a year ago when she moved to Virginia.

    i’m sorry to hear about your experience. I think tub mats w/o suction cups can be availed even at regular houseware stores. you can check out williams sonoma home (not the kitchen and stuff store),or bed bath and beyond. good luck!

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