Handbags, Why Do I Love Thee? — 7 Comments

  1. Believe it or not, I once bought a handbag (because I liked the look of it) for only $60 in this very chic boutique store and they were having a sale…I later found out, while shopping in an upmarket store and saw the signature on a handbag similar to mine…and it was an original “salvatore ferragamo” bag which would normally retail for over a grand! 😯

    It certainly was a nice suprise!

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  2. @ Marie

    oh wow, this was certainly a very good find! did the bag come with any ferragamo signature(the buckles, or the typical ferragamo label) on it?

  3. It had the “salvatore ferragamo” name inside the bag and throughout the inner lining, outside the bag was his main signature and also the zipper section was etched with the same label. It was a dark brown and light brown square combo coloured shoulder bag.
    Was very shocked to find it was real!

  4. Saw that new handbag you mentioned here, it was indeed nice. If I can really afford it I will also go for branded ones, and since I cannot as of this time I also don’t go for fakes. i’d rather choose a locally manufactured bag but is not an imitation.

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