Add Drama To Your Walls With Wallpaper — 3 Comments

  1. Wall paper is nice but it’s a lot of work when you decide to replace it. I’d rather go for a paint.

  2. I love wallpaper too buy they are quite expensive, I checked the site and I fell in love with drama midsummer,the one with blue and yellow colors, that’s the color of our room kasi and it’s our color motiff nung wedding namin..:)

    Rocks’s last blog post..I’ve got a printer!!

  3. @ Lisa

    no manang, wallpaper is SO EASY to take out if it is applied PROPERLY. the problem with a lot of DIY’ers is that they don’t follow the proper priming procedure kaya mahirap tanggalin later on. once you want to take it off, just get the solution and spray on, then pwede na i peel off easily.

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