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  1. I know that I can handle money better than my hubby. In fact he even commended me that I’m good in budgeting. Ilokana kunam man. Ti problema laeng, awan met ti adu nga kuarta nga ibudget, he-he!!!

  2. It is very important to be money wise nowadays. Good for you to have a hubby who knows how to handle money and invest wisely.
    I was waiting for my slot in socialsparks for this post.

    Malaya’s last blog post..Contest?contest?contest

  3. @ Lisa

    that’s good manang. F and I are both gastador BUT he knows how to invest, he’s been doing it all his life.

    between the two of us, ako ang mas kuripot, si F sige lang ng sige as long as his priorities are covered, he very well knows when to stop. one thing’s for sure though, he’s very generous and thoughtful.

  4. @ malaya,

    yeah, he knows how to invest and handle money, but he’s also a big spender.

    hindi ito social sparks sa kapatid niya ito haha.

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