Deposit: Not Required — 2 Comments

  1. Really? a car loan that doesn’t require deposit..that’s great, but it can never be that way here in the Philippines. I know abroad it’s so easy to acquire a car, other says pa nga na you can get your car in one day.

  2. @ rocks

    only in the UK sis. even here, we don’t have that. car dealerships won’t even accept personal checks for deposit. it has to be a certified bank check.

    and no, acquiring a car is not easy always more so if your credit score and history is not good. yes, you can get a car but you have to be willing to pay a high price in the form of interest rate if you are acquiring the car via loan.

    haven’t experienced getting a car in one day though. paano lagi madami ekek asawa ko, gusto maraming abubot na kailangan i-install muna ng dealership.

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