Trying To Be Normal On My First Year Anniversary — 18 Comments

  1. Hi Juliana! Just got back from our mini vacation in OKC. Happy 1 year anniversary to your blogging. I can’t comment in your other blog. Is this the last day of the contest?

  2. @ Marie

    thanks so much. it’s so stressful especially that the problem was brought upon by a careless technical support.

  3. @ Lisa

    thanks manang. nakaka-sakit ng tiyan. the files are missing sa 2 blogs and yung wold totally nawala. nakakaiyak.

  4. So did they give you any reason why your blogs are corrupted? Blogs mo lang ba or are there any other using their service?

    Hay naku….hopefully you’re able to enjoy your weekend kahit na stress ka dito sa mga blogs mo.


    Juliana’s last blog post..A Lullaby….

  5. @ Juliana

    the tech support caused the corruption. I will be posting about it one of these coming days. just too drained for now to write about the whole ordeal.

  6. @ Malaya

    Thank you very much. What a heartwarming message. They have restored the two blogs, but sad to say some files can’t be restored.

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