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  1. Well, I experienced a house tour for some realty companies, but not to the house of other people. But in case I’ll be invited, it’s a positive plus for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts that I didn’t expect it.

  2. This is interesting. I had just been invited to my friend’s new “bachelor’s pad” the other day. Definitely felt like a tour.

  3. @ Fernando Lachica
    Maybe you just didn’t feel that they’re actually touring you around hahaha

    @ Philip Nino Tan-Gatue
    Show and tell is more like it, right?

  4. i always tour my guests/bisita in our house. nothing is much to see but 5bathrooms 4bedrooms, living/dining room and balcony. We dont have a lot of furnitures as well. just plain tv and other ordinary things at home. nothings to hide as well haha

  5. I experienced a tour in my boss’ house. They have 4 floors and it’s really exhausting to go upside down inside. LOL!

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