Me And My Nails — 4 Comments

  1. You’re not being paranoid, sanitation is a concern at salons. I have a friend who provides at-home service because of her concerns … after she mentioned all the potential problems, especially from the pedicure soak tubs, I decided to give up the idea of pedicures! I used to have acryllic nails, especially since my left index fingernail is a tool in my trade (jewelry design) but I’ve given up those because of cost!

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  2. you know what. i’ve been thinking about going to get my nails done. they are soooo long right now and i don’t do anything to them. it’s getting hard to type. i do them myself, only clear polish… i just hate the expense of getting them done, but they would look so nice, for a day. polish chips fast.

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  3. @ Hilary

    It’s nice to know it’s not just my paranoia kicking in. it feels good to be pampered but as you say everything is costly.

  4. @ Natural

    you are so right. polish chips fast, there goes the expense with it. after a day or two they’re no longer good to look at 😀 .

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