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  1. here’s one of my conscious changes made to help reduce snacking on junk and at the same time increase good food intake: always have a large bowl of fruit salad in the fridge. One apple, one mango, a gold kiwi, a green kiwi, some grapes, a slice or two of watermelon… all cubed.. (add banana only to the bowl you are going to use – it’s a great complement to the combo, but it goes black/bad fast, and is unappetising otherwise). This can last for 2 or 3 days. Have it plain, or with lite cool whip, or, my fave, some cottage cheese for the protein boost.

    much better than hershey nuggets or tortilla chhips, eh? 🙂

    [dropping by via entrecard, btw] *lynne*

    *lynne*s last blog post..throwaway – Part 3

  2. Eating healthy is also more expensive it seems. Here’s an easy test to determine what food is healthier: which ever one tastes best is probably the less healthy one. I take the multi-vitamin route and then eat pretty much whatever I like. I also get a good protein drink since I don’t eat much meat.

    Karen, author of “My Funny Dad, Harry”s last blog post..Being Seniors Today!

  3. @ Karen

    you are absolutely right about that Karen. Most food that are awfully delicious are more often than not loaded with the stuff we’re not supposed to ingest that much. thanks for sharing.

  4. @ lynne

    thanks so much for sharing your ideas. haven’t tried lite cool whip on my fruit. I always go for the regular one. that must be a better alternative.

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