Two Weeks Of Italian Foods — 6 Comments

  1. Wow, kakainggit naman mga foods nyo dyan! Ginutom tuloy ako. I enjoyed looking at your pics. Italy is a beautiful country but I heard it’s expensive to live there.

  2. :mrgreen: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Italian Delicacies,,
    Yum Yummm. if you are flying first class you can take the box gratis.

    however.. 👿

    if you are traveling coach class air the least expensive way to ship your delicious items back to nyc is 🙂 to Use UPS. they may be a lil expensive but they are alot less than paying for that box as a third piece of luggage.

    Bon Appetito ! 😆

    RE Ausetkmts last blog post..Lady D Radio to DI WOOORRRRLLLLLLLLLDDDDDD !!!!!

  3. @ Lisa

    it is a beautiful country lalo na mga structures nila. yun lang, it’s very expensive there, and if you want to enjoy their good food kailangan dala mo maraming datung hehe.

  4. @ ausetkmt

    I can live without the delicacies, but I can’t live without the murano table lamp that I bought. we took it with us on the plane. thanks for the tip just the same.

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