The Chedi, Milan — 16 Comments

  1. I don’t see the “modern Asian” style in the lobby. Maybe in the black and red colors only. The ceramic or porcelain urns are kulang pa, to give off the Asian vibe. 🙂

  2. @ Jenny

    that is their interpretation of modern asian. as they claim, it’s not 100% asian, it’s “asian inspired.”

    what I’ve shown is just a part of their lobby. I must say that even on the lobby of each floor, they have urns and wooden benches all over which I think gave off that Asian feel.

  3. It looked too dark if you ask me. Asian? Well, there’s always Southeast Asian which our culture belong to and then there’s the Japanese, Korean and Chinese Asian, as well as the Turkish Asian, etc., di ba?

    I have always admired SEAsian and the minimilist Asian style of the Japanese.


    lotusflowers last blog post..Malunggay, possibly anti-cancer

  4. @ lotusflower

    yes, the lighting is leaning towards the dark side, sort of like you’re in a spa. all throughout the hotel, they have bamboos, urns and the like evoking some kind of serene and zen like environment.

  5. @ rocks

    not really that expensive actually as compared to what we paid on the first three hotels that we stayed at while in Italy. but the amenities are comparable. in fact, we figured that the rates are not as expensive because the location of the hotel is secluded from the main attractions in Milan.

  6. I guess modern furnishing is also nice as long as you know exactly the style you want for your home. thanks for sharing the lobby is indeed very nice.

  7. @ Joy
    this hotel really delivered. it’s highly recommended, provided,the service didn’t change.

    @ Nova S
    contemporary design is not for everyone, just the same way that traditional style is also not for everyone.

  8. I love the bathroom. Whenever I’m in any hotel, I always check the bathroom as I am sensitive when it comes to bathrooms.

    The places looks expensive. hehehe.

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