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  1. I once had a can of Hungry Jack biscuits explode in the fridge like that. I know they’re not Pillsbury, but it’s the same kind of canned dough. They weren’t old or anything…I don’t know why the can exploded. It’s a rare occurrence, I figure. Glad they’re sending you a replacement certificate!

  2. @ Cindy

    I was told, that the key to prevent refrigerated canned doughs from popping is proper storage. We, consumers may store them properly once we buy them, but you’ll never know the handling of such prior to buying them. yes, I’m just glad, I will get a replacement.

  3. That is one reason why I just buy bread from the bakery. hahahaha. I am not a big fan of dough that’s why. but it’s cool that they can replaced it… unlike in the Philippines.

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  4. @ simplyjacy

    this was my first experience. I haven’t had to deal with popping for the many years that I’ve been buying this canned dough. yes, getting a replacement is the best thing.

  5. I’ve never had one pop in the fridge, but once I had one EXPLODE in my hands…it was loud, a bit painful, and got dough in multiple rooms of my house. My husband always handles them now. lol

    I wish I had thought to call them. Good for you!

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  6. @ Mize

    maybe Pillsbury does not distribute such dough in Portuguese supermarkets. getting a replacement is a nice gesture from them. thanks for stopping by.

  7. @ MayhemArts

    that is scary! I’m glad the explosion was inside the fridge. oh, and the clean up, that must have been a lot of work.

  8. Glad they are able to send you a certificate after the interrogation! From the very first time and till now everytime I open one of those cans I cringe and hold my breath. I don’t know what I’ve been expecting all of these years…

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