Appetizers Galore — 6 Comments

  1. Uauu. The food looks so good, and I belive you when you said it tasted good as well.
    Here in Faro we have a few “Chinese restaurants”. I love their food, all that I´ve tried was super yummie, with lots of vegs, and the prices are equal to normal Portuguese restaurants.
    My daughter also likes it but my hubby isn´t a big fan, so most times we go somewhere else.
    I found that my favorite restaurant cook is from Cantoon, so I guess I don´t really know the difference.
    I would love to travel Orient to try new foods (except bugs, lol).
    It looks you had an excellent dinner, I would love to try the chicken, it looks heavenly.
    A good Monday.

  2. @ Mize

    they were indeed yummy. my husband and I are big fans of Japanese foods. I have turned my husband into a Jap food lover. Prior to being married, he used to frown at me for loving the cuisine. now, he acquired the taste and he is as much of an addict now like I do.

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