Don't Blame The Evergreen — 4 Comments

  1. Great point. I have terrible allergies to dust, and even have to make my husband bring the boxes of decorations up from the basement.

    (The allergy is also a great excuse not to do housework, BTW 😉 )

  2. Great tips here Tuks. Buti na lang fake ang aming tree…hehehe. Actually, I don’t even know kung saan ako allergic….One of these days, I will have to go to an allergist…should have done that a long time but the stubborn me won’t…

    Enjoy you Tuesday.


    Julianas last blog post..Rotary Phone…

  3. @ Juliana

    You should at least try to find out what’s causing your allergy. Don’t just fall prey to those allergy shots though. the husband crazily went for it and had a year of shots. ewan lang kung umobra hehe.

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