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  1. Hello,

    Like the clean, clear style and the apparent ease with which you write on varied topics. By coincidence, ‘Nirvana’ and ‘Stress Busters’ are topics common to our blogs [you may like to check out my archives]. What is even more amazing is the choice of ‘textile technology’ in your other post [linen]: I happen to be a B.Tech in Textile Technology and pleased to see a home mom writing on ‘count’ ‘combing’ and such jargon! Enjoyed reading and promised myself on returning. Happy blogging.

    Pushhyarags last blog post..Tribulations of an Evolving Blogger.

  2. @ Pushhyarag

    Thanks so much for noticing my site and for peeking.

    I wish I was a Mom, but no, I’m just a stay at home wife, haven’t been lucky on having a little one. Being that I have a lot of time on my hands, I try to educate myself on the various things I’m interested at, and that is including my search for the best sheets.

    I’ll be dropping by on your blog for sure. Thanks again.

  3. @ Mom

    thanks for the additional info. how I wish, line drying is possible year round here in New York, but we can only do that 3 months/ year.

  4. Although I had not heard of the term “precycle” before, I had heard of the concept behind it, and would agree that it is even more of a benefit than recycling after having purchased an item. It is the type of procedure that does not go through the harmful procedure at all, and instead starts from something less impacting.

    Armen Shirvanians last blog post..The Importance of Knowing How Things Work

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