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  1. I have been drinking milk powder or rather my mother has been making us drink milk powder even since we were young … that will be coming to 33 years already. I remember I used to hate drinking milk powder back then. However, I have realised how good it is for me. Through my years of growing up, I have very rarely sprained my ankles when I fell down and I have strong bones. đŸ™‚

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  2. LOL Milk and wine … I seriously thought this post was going to be about drinking milk and wine at the same time. I thought you might have been on to a new type of drink. LOL

    Not only does milk give us a good dose of Calcium, but in Canada and the US and likely elsewhere milk is fortified with Vitamin D. Since most of us protect ourselves from the sun and don’t eat foods that contain a lot of vitamin D, vitamin D deficiency is on the rise. So there’s another reason to drink a glass of milk or two, and or add a generous helping to our cereal and coffee/tea.

    I was just diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency (malabsorption related since I have Crohn’s Disease)so I’m brushing up on sources of Vitamin D.

    They also say a diet high in calcium (and vitamin d) can help you lose weight. So drinking milk might help shed pounds.

    I also saw something on the news recently that said we can have up to two glasses of wine a DAY for better health. it’s good for the heart, but I seem to remember the news story saying it might help the brain as well. I’m not sure about the last fact though.

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  3. @ Tricia

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wonder about milk helping one shed off weight though. That would be nice to try.

    and two glasses of wine? I have high blood pressure so I won’t even dare. I drink red wine for the benefits, but I love white more.

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