Identity Thieves Are Everywhere — 10 Comments

  1. @ Sinclair

    sorry to hear that. I hope your pc is now free from that virus, and now running smoothly. thanks for dropping by.

  2. i’m very much careful of phishing activities in my e-mail. some inviting me to log in my account with a password but when i point the cursor to the link it shows the fake url. thanks for sharing.

  3. Maybe I am paranoiac but putting your self out online in Facebook, Myspace is an invitation, (or and advertising ) to identity thieves. because through your picture, or your occupation they can determine you revenue. And then you become a potential target.
    A bout 10 years ago I have Used ICQ (instant chat system) and my Adress and phone number where online through a single web search on google with my name. Just tell you that I does not take long. to get private information.
    Take care

    Angelwayas last blog post..The grocery store experience

  4. @ angelwaya

    that is why as wayward as it may be, I’m not on facebook, my space or any other social networking site. I don’t even join chats online. when I want to get in touch with friends, and family, I email them or talk the traditional way: I pick up the phone and dial their numbers. thanks for sharing your experience.

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