Oil Primer — 6 Comments

  1. @ Cecil

    As far as I know, there are no nutritional difference between the two, I could be wrong but that is what I know.

    The only difference lies in the way they were made or processed. Extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed, which is technically a chemical free process that involves pressure. It is not refined at all. Therefore, the taste, color and nutrients are not altered. Ordinary olive oil is processed either from the second cold pressing or the chemical extraction of the olive mash left over after the first pressing. This olive oil is much lighter in color and blander in taste than virgin olive oil.

    ordinary olive oil is excellent for frying, since the flavor of extra-virgin olive oil tends to break down at frying temperatures. extra virgin olive oil is very good when used as salad dressing, for dipping, sauteing.

  2. @ AiDiSan

    if it’s going to be used primarily for salads, you should opt for extra virgin. it’s yummy when used for salad dressing or as dip for breads.

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