Bread Dough Popped Again — 10 Comments

  1. Wow! that never happened to me yet.. My family loves Pillsbury biscuit and the cinnamon rolls, and everytime I open it, I had to bang it on my counter top, because it won’t pop automatically. That’s strange..
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  2. That is comically odd. Whenever we go shopping, my husband always jokes about throwing those types of things into the card or wherever. LOL

  3. @ Lynne

    they are aware of the possibility that this can happen but I was not told if they know the reason of such occurrence.

  4. @ Cole

    it is,but I have to admit that these are the next best thing to breads made from scratch at home.

  5. @ Jacq

    I’ve always stored my doughs on the same drawer in my fridge through the years. as I’ve said, this is the second time that it happened to me within the span of a little more than a year if I’m not mistaken. your thought can be very valid. I may try relocating them. or maybe, my fridge is finally going to retire, and there may be some fluctuations in the temps inside. it’s about 10 years old, and it might well be a good excuse to retire it.

    thanks for your input.

  6. This is truly bizarre! For the first time I stored my Pillsbury grands biscuits in the door of my fridge because the drawer I normally put them in was full. Now I am thinking if it IS a temperature thing, the door is probably not the safest place for them!

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