Garlic Does It! — 2 Comments

  1. Sis,

    What I am doing is soak the crushed/ chopped garlic (3-4 cloves) in hot water. Let it cool for a while, then drink it. Lasang bawang talaga. I haven’t monitored my bp since I got very busy with the automated elections but I will once again monitor my progress using this method to stabilize my BP.

  2. @ Lainy
    I haven’t tried that one. I might try it kung kaya ko ang lasa hehe.

    I’m on medication and I have been pretty much controlled by it. I would love to get off it someday. matakaw nga kasi ako and especially now, we rely on food delivery kasi tamad akong magluto. I used to use a lot of garlic on my recipes when I cooked. The one thing that is controlled now that we have the delivery service is the sodium content of what we eat. yun ang wala din akong control when I cooked.

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