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  1. Busy browsing around your blogs Tuks. Dami pictures….para akong nag tour na din with you and & F.

    Bakit nga ba walang lababo sa may toilet? Parang eng eng na kailangan pang pumunta sa kabila para maghugas ng kamay. Hmmm….

    And what is that ‘thing’ they put by the kubeta? Intercom???? For??? Help if you run out of TP? Hahaha….

    TGIF na sa wakas!


  2. @ Tuks
    expect more pics, magsasawa kayo samukha namin hahaha.

    nagtipid sila kaya walang lababo hahaha. mukhang hindi nag-isip ang architect nila, sigurohindi sanay mag wash ng hands after magbanyo hahaha. instead naglagay ng walang silbing gadget. sino kaya ang gagamit ng telepono habang nasa trono? hahaha.

  3. i bet the 5-4 star hotel would be a convenient hotel to stay in while you are on a vacation to have a relaxing day after the fun.

  4. looks nice to me sis! since last year we decided to just go backpacking whenever we travel as we save a lot and the fact that we did it many times already We have met so many people which my husband and I love. I guess the toilet are more of a western style since they use toilet paper to clean their bum hahaha

  5. indeed, how crazy is that you’d go to the bathroom to wash hands after using toilet, i don’t think i’ve encountered that design yet

  6. It’s nice to you can afford the luxurious accommodations. And the amenities must be excellent considering the properties’ ratings.

    We’re quite the flexible kind when we choose accommodations because we travel with our daughter. We stay in mid-range hotels as long as they have good amenities, nice location and rates that would burn a hole in our travel budget.

    It must be so nice to experience staying in 5-stars properties. There are a few times that we managed to snag a luxurious stay – when we win at travel raffles. 🙂

  7. I find the toilet design quite amusing. regular toilet missing and that intercom is for what? to call hotel staff that you’re done peeing. LOL

  8. Wow! Never been to a hotel like that here in Philippines.. and it’s surprising to know that even the best hotels there still isn’t that perfect when it comes to cleanliness and services.

  9. Weird na walang lavatory sa may kubeta. Paano na yung mga taong gaya ko na naghuhugas ng wetpu pag nag go hahaha. I have to bring a tabo with water pa, hay naku lol..

  10. A hotel accommodation that’s lacking my basic needs wouldn’t be perfect for sure! So far, I have liked the Presidential suite at Dusit Hotel Makati that my older sister let me experienced. Sis J, you might want to have a holiday in Dubai! Most of the hotel rooms there that a friend showed me are so gorgeous. Baka dun yung perfect hotel accommodation for you. 🙂

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