Bold And Beautiful, Or Tiny But Real? — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t think it matters. As long as the 2 love each other it shouldn’t make a difference whether its a real diamond or not. If some women had to wait until the love of their life could afford a real diamond then they may never get married. If she demands the real thing just maybe she is looking for the money and not love.

  2. @ Steve
    a lot of women go for faux because of their desire for the rock that looks over the top. truth be told, they have these cz’s set on gold too.

    if one goes for real diamond on the other hand, it can still be had at an affordable price as long as they don’t demand a flawless, huge gem. in the end, yes, you are really right, it really does not matter for as long as the couple love each other.

  3. I like your idea about “Tiny but Real”. Last year I also gave my wife the tiny one, and she was really touched.

  4. @ Sony
    I would go with the “tiny but real” anytime. I’m a stickler for the real thing. if I can’t have the real thing, I’d rather wait or go for the next best for as long as it is real. anything faux just does not make sense to me.

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