The Golden Strands And A Cold — 10 Comments

  1. I wonder magkano ito. We were at my fiance’s fav jeweler last week and the price of their pearls range from $200-$2,500. Give mo nga ako hint, sis. Or mas mahal pa ba ito? Haha.

  2. @ Lynn
    ikaw talaga mahilig sa details hahaha. the golden south sea pearls are the rarest in the world and they are not dyed or treated at all. the rounder, bigger and golden they are, the more money they go for. nope, they are nowhere near the price range that you mentioned. siguro freshwater pearls lang yung quote sa yo. ask mo na lang jeweler ng fiance mo at nakakahiya mag-mention ng presyo dito. 🙂

  3. sabagay, white pearls yung nandun sa jeweler eh. walang ganito. so since gold ito, malamang gold din ang presyo. lol.

  4. @ Lynn
    yung white pearls can be freshwater (the most affordable) or akoya pearls or south sea which also comes in white (natural color din). the most common pearls are freshwater which are dyed too when they come in different colors (pink, gray, green, blue etc.). another group of pearl is the Tahitian pearl (may kamahalan din ito) normally in peacock color, (parang greyish green) which are harvested from the French Polynesia. as I said, very rare ang golden south sea, more so yung flawless and round. kaya happy ako kasi nabilhan ako ulit hehe.

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